Spring Newsletter 2014

Welcome back to our Spring session, which starts with a demonstration from one of our own members Muriel Gerrard. The committee and members have not been idle over the winter months. we have used the time to plan and make a start on the club design for the Glasgow Cathedral Flower Festival. As you know our title is Cashmere so we started our planning with a tour of Johnston’s mill where we were given every assistance as well as some samples to get us started. We hope to keep you up to date with the progress as the design takes shape. We decided on a craft based design incorporating flowers, as it was felt this would be easier to transport, with most of the work being done in advance and setting up would be accomplished without the anxiety of damage to flowers and foliage. We are proposing to run a bus trip to Glasgow on Thursday 24th July so everyone will be able to see the whole festival, not just our own exhibit.

The committee has also been active in planning the coffee morning for 15th March, which will help to fund the Glasgow project. There will be a cake and candy stall as well as a lucky dip, a raffle, a recycled flower accessories table and a ‘everyone’s a winner stall’ but best of all, lovely coffee and home bakes, so please support us and bring along all your friends.

Another venture, which has come to fruition over the break is we now have our own web site. I can hear those who are technologically challenged inwardly groaning thinking what use is that to me? The site will have archive photos, a copy of the syllabus, this news letter, and hopefully pictures and a write up of each months meeting, as well as pictures of other events which we organize. You do not need a computer or abilities to access this, the library have computers for general us and the staff are extremely helpful, so we hope everyone will find it useful at some point.

Dates to Remember

May meeting is 6th which is the first Tuesday of the month.

Club Lunch Tuesday 24th June.

Bus trip July 24th.

An Appeal

The committee is working with very reduced numbers, please come forward and help even if you can just manage 1 year you would be most welcome.