April 2014 Meeting

The demonstrator for the April meeting was Mrs. Susan Hall from Cleveland. She is an area demonstrator for the Northumberland and Durham area. She is also a judge and teacher and gave us many hints and tips.

The title of the demonstration was ‘Take Five’ and the inspiration for that was the policy of eating 5 fruit and veg a day.

Susan began the demonstration with apples doing an all green design with chrysanths and anthuriums. Next was an arrangement inspired by bananas using yellow carnations and cymbidiums. This was followed by pineapple, which consisted of a selection of foliage and roses. The humble potato was depicted by sunflowers arranged in a potato basket. For her final deign Susan took grapes for her theme using purple liatris, purple chrysanths, white roses and purple anthuriums. To round off the evening as we had tea Susan showed members some leaf
manipulation using flax.

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