June 2014 Club Lunch

Tuesday 24th June 24, 2014

Today the club enjoyed the end of session lunch at the Mansion House Hotel. This year we tried a buffet style lunch, which was a great success. After the meal, there was a demonstration by one of our own members, Mrs. Hilda Anderson.

Hilda set herself the challenge to complete 10 designs in 1 hour using containers, which had been donated to the club by former members, and a selection of supermarket flowers. She produced 10 quick, easy, modern, economical, and striking arrangements, which dazzled her audience and delighted those who won them.

The afternoon was a very friendly and enjoyable end to my first year in the chair and I look forward to our next session, which begins our 40th anniversary year, which we hope to mark with interesting demonstrators, outings and hopefully new members.

Have a lovely Summer, from your chairman Frances Reddy.


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