September 2014 Meeting

Tuesday saw a busy start to our new session with an excellent demonstration by Mrs. Susan Fairhurst from Lancashire, with the exciting title ‘Woolly Thinking’.

The demonstration opened with a design on a frame with fabric and buttons complementing a lovely arrangement with pink roses, carnations, and calla lilies.

Using metal twisted into an interesting ball shape, with felt covered boards to support the container, Susan then gave us a beautiful arrangement of white roses and spray roses, and fabric wool balls.

Next Susan produced a home-crafted lead container to create a stunning design with green shamrock chrysanthemums white roses and green anthuriums.

The 4th display was created on an upright metal stand covered in coloured wool, she then made a compact display with carnations, balancing the design with calla lilies and anthuriums to add a horizontal dimension.

The finale was a metal stand incorporating fabric loops in the shape of leaves on which was presented a flowing pedestal design with white eustoma, protias, calla lilies and carnations.

An enjoyable evening was had by all.


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