Annual Open Meeting, Nov 20th, 2014

Despite having to change venue at short notice the annual open meeting was an amazing success, the demonstrating duo wowed a capacity audience with their ‘Christmas Presents’ demonstration.

Gillian Garrow opened the evening with a stunning green and white design on a pedestal, which had been a present from Canada! The completed design had 3 placements and incorporated beautifully wrapped presents.

Sandra Halkett began her presentation with long low composition using pink roses and calla lilies with white eustoma and gypsophila enhancing the end result with blue Christmas lights, once again the overall effect was completed by further placements in different sizes.

Gillian’s next design was a column of white amaryllis and anthurium, black sparkly cones and pussy willows, all complimented with flickering safety candles, producing a stunning display.

Next Sandra produced an asymmetrical pedestal using orange lilies, leucospermum and sprayed strelitzia leaves, in inverted cones with 3 placements of varying heights. Sandra also recited a parody poem about Christmas and the results of over indulgence!

As her finale design Gillian produced 3 Christmas cracker arrangements, the crackers being made of wicker and filled with dried hydrangea heads, beautiful long euphorbia produced the outline with exotic foliage, green carnations, purple eustoma, with impact provided by vanda orchids and waxed dark red roses which caused a great deal of interest.

Sandra used the idea of a Christmas present of a trip to the theater as her inspiration for her show piece design, in particular a trip to see ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ The three piece placements were a pedestal of exotic foliage, red roses and gerbera with phalaenopsis orchids making a central statement, the other placements formed a stunning hat and an elegant lady holding a lushes bouquet.

The stage was a magnificent picture of colour, form and plant material, leaving everyone dazzled and eager to win one of the displays in the raffle.

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