November 2014 Meeting

The demonstrator for the evening was Mrs. Christine McKenna from Dundee. Christine has been to the club before, but it was a pleasure to welcome her back. The title for the evening was ‘With Christmas in mind’.

Christine opened by reminding us that there were only 6 weeks till Christmas! For the opening design she used a wicker hamper to display a traditional Christmas red arrangement using carnations and gerberas, completing the display with battery operated Christmas lights. Next was a snowy white display with ornithogalum and white carnations, presented beside ‘Bambi’ and a branch of icicles.

Next Christine used eustoma and liatris in a vertical continental style arrangement, after which was an all round display on a leaf dish using pale pink calla lilies, nerines, and gerberas. Christine had brought along some alternatives to the traditional wreath, explaining their construction and encouraging members to have a go at home.

The finale was a red and silver two placement design with a poinsettia chrysanthemums and gerbera with traditional foliage, giving the overall stage a wonderful Christmas look.

The vote of thanks was given by Sandra Halkett and members enjoyed a cup of tea as they had a closer look at the arrangements and chatted with Christine.

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