Club Night, 10 March 2015

The demonstrator for the evening was Linda Souter and her title for the demonstration was Reflections.

Linda took us on a journey reflecting on some of her travels, she began in Dubai with a double vertical design reflecting the tall, new, sparking buildings, with manipulated leaves, white anthuriums and ornithogalum.

From there we were transported to Singapore, where we enjoyed a Singapore Sling with an arrangement of pink carnations and orchids in a large cocktail glass.

Then we travelled to Australia and Tasmania where she had been impressed by the reproduction of the English country garden which she interpreted for us in a horizontal design of 2 placements using a selection of foliage, complimented with monkshood, pink roses and gerbera.

Next to New Zealand where she had visited the national fern collection and bought a container made from a fern root in which she did a design of ferns and orange gerbera

The final design also reflected New Zealand by using a basket woven form flax leaves, in which Linda composed a pedestal arrangement with a wonderful collection of manipulated foliage, orange lilies, cream roses, orange leucospermum.

The vote of thank was given by Muriel Gerrard.

Linda also gave us a day workshop on Wednesday, in which she showed us a spring nature design and how to manipulate different foliages.

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