April 2015 Meeting

Mrs. Audrey Foster ‘Coast to Coast’

The demonstrator for Tuesday 7th April was Audrey Foster, who was happy to return to Elgin, took the inspiration for her demonstration from her cycling trips from one side of the country to the other.

The expedition started in Whitehaven where they dipped the rear wheel of the cycle into the Irish Sea, the first design depicted the cycle wheels with circles covered in moss and dried leaves complimented by a collection of foliage, green carnations and Shamrock chrysanthemums.

Another cycling holiday took her along the ‘Way of the Roses’ from Lancashire to Yorkshire, so the next arrangement was a long low path-like creation in the white roses of The House of York.

Inspiration for the third arrangement came from the difficult and circuitous Pennine route which she depicted using twisted silver birch twigs on a metal frame with a double placement using mahonia, spotted laurel and sunflowers.

Next was a modern creation with painted orange sticks tied together, through which were threaded orange gerbera.

For the next design we returned to the final point in the sea to sea trek, Sunderland, with twisted wire Audrey had formed Sunderland bridge and used bells of Ireland, agapanthus eryngiums and eustoma to reflect the colours in her container.

Audrey’s final cycle journey was to the Outter Hebredies and the final arrangement reflected this using drift wood, scots pine with pink roses carnations and deep pink phlox.


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