May 2015 Meeting

Demonstration Tuesday 12th May 2015

Mrs. Marjorie Moore: “Imagine”

Marjorie began her imaginings with the joy of music by creating an up right all round design in an open work urn using blue delphiniums, Anastasia chrysanthemums, and pale green roses, complimenting the design with a harp.

She went on to imagine sunrise and sunset with a 2 placement exhibit linked by a sun created from orange paper and wool on a wooden hoop.

Marjorie is trained in the art of Ikebana so stirred our imaginations with an Ikebana design using yellow roses and green anthuriums.

Next she imagined what it would be like to be Midas, and created an all gold design in a large gold pot, using yellow roses, and Anastasia chrysanthemums.

Finally she took us to a summer garden by constructing an arch of ruscus leaves with pink and white roses, pink gerberas, variegated eustoma and green carnations, completing it with a second placement.

The vote of thanks was given by Hilda Anderson.

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