September 2015 Meeting

The demonstrator for the opening meeting of our new session was Dr. Kate Kerr and the title for the evening was ‘Au natural’.

The first design was inspired by the garden and was constructed around a birdhouse using liatrus, anthurium, eustoma, and gerbera with a mixture of foliage including ivy and hosta.

The second design was a modern arrangement inspired by a black container in which she used lichen and phormium with black agapanthus seed heads in a vertical design.

Next was a moss covered ern in which was used manipulated aspidistra leaves with white roses, gerbera and phlox.

A home made container and a song inspired a long low arrangement with contorted hazel ferns and spotted laurel with roses and eustoma. A second placement with a moon gave us the line of the song ‘when the moon hits your eye…’

Another home made container with a wreath ring was the basis for an angular construction with fire red gerbera and Chinese lanterns, a second placement included silver birch covered chickens.

The final display was a stunning design with red roses, carnations and anthuriums with a second placement to complete the arrangement.

The vote of thanks was given by Davina Farquhar.

Date of the next meeting Tuesday 13th October.