March 2016 Meeting

The first meeting of 2016 was a demonstration and work shop given by our club member and area demonstrator Sandra Halkett.

The theme for the evening was leaf manipulation and Sandra showed us various ways of transforming plant material, which she then incorporated into her demonstration.

She opened out the petals of a tulip transforming it into a totally different flower, adding it to her design along with manipulated ivy, phormium and bergenia leaves. Sandra completed 4 designs which were a compilation of 8 arrangements, she also gave us many other hits and tips for quick and easy flower arranging.

Sandra with the help of the committee then distributed phormium leaves, instruction sheets and roses to all the members and we proceed to create our own manipulated leaf which together with the roses made a pleasing display for everyone to take home. Everyone enjoyed the evening evidenced by the laughter around the hall and the many photos of the meeting.

Date for the next meeting: Tuesday April 12th.

Easy Tulip table arrangements ice cream leaf manipulation complete with flowers leaf manipulation completed leaf manipulation with orchids x 2 Leaf manipulation with orchids Springtime