April 2016 Meeting

The demonstrator for the evening was Mrs. Roslyn Harrison from Cumbria and the title for the evening was ‘Floral Rhapsody’.

The evening began with a spring design comprising of two placements in containers, which resembled half logs giving a rustic look to a vertical style using forsythia, hyacinths, gerberas and camellias.

The next arrangement was in a large round bowl with mirror image arrangements using pinks and purples incorporating larkspur, roses eustoma, gerberas and eryngium.

This was followed by a modern design using large exotic foliage and 2 phalaenopsis orchids to produce a stunningly simple arrangement.

For her 4th interpretation of floral rhapsody Roslyn used an unusual container which appeared to be constructed of small pieces of wood to form a bowl in which she did an all round creation using peach carnations, gerberas and hypericum berries, with a centre of tall orange lilies.

Next came a stunning construction in 2 large metal urns with pheasant feathers, fatsia leaves red carnations, roses and gerberas.

The finale was a green and white design using lilies, chrysanthemums, cala lilies, and a green orchid.

The vote of thanks was given by Sandra Fowler on behalf of the ladies who all agreed it had been a wonderful evening.

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