May 2017 Meeting

Jean McLure Fascinating Flowers

Tuesday 9th May.

The first design was in an urn. Jean placed dogwood sticks in the oasis to form a circle of ‘spokes’ through which she wove canes forming a pattern and out line for the arrangement. Parrot tulips were tied horizontally onto the frame and mixed grasses provided a central focal point, while green viburnum flowers and green carnations filled the centre, a second placement completed the design.

The next creation was a long low design in a boat shaped container using spotted laural, with yellow tulips and yellow roses with woven steel grass.

An oblong black container formed the foundation for a curtain effect construction of grasses and branches knotted together with bullion wire against which Jean placed purple alliums and carnations, orange lilies, and green ‘trick’ carnations, with ivy leaves covering the base.

Jean produced a Perspex tube which she had filled with purple feathers to provide a pedestal for a cascade design using eucalyptus purple eustoma, large lilac coloured chrysanthemums and vanda orchids along with pink roses and purple carnations. To complete the design there was a second placement.

The final project involved a metal moon shaped hoop into which she had placed oasis to create a crescent arrangement using an outline of ruskus and filled in with red roses, red carnations, cymbidium orchids, large green chrysanthemums, pink roses and leucadendron. A second placement completed the presentation for the evening.

Everyone enjoyed the innovative, colourful and interesting demonstration for which Sandra Flowler gave the vote of thanks.