October 2018 Meeting

The demonstrator for the evening was Mrs. Audrey Foster and the title of the demonstration was ‘Just around the Corner’.

The first design was a seasonal rustic arrangement in the vertical style using burnt gorse, hawthorn berries, crab apples, and Chinese lanterns with red gladioli and red roses in 2 placements.

Next she had constructed a straw bale and mounted ‘wheels’ made from sisal to represent her bicycle, around which she assembled foliage with gold chrysanthemums, pink roses, and cream carnations, with a placement around each wheel.

For the third design, Audrey had covered a catering tin with coir into which she placed split canes and pink alstoemeria covering the mechanics with ivy leaves and then adding a second placement.

Audrey then covered insulating board and cut it into a circle with glycerined mahonia leaves adding sunflowers, spotted laurel, and dried palm leaves.

Next she produced a home made basket into which she added bound twigs to form vertical space then placed in deep purple chrysanthemums and pale lilac roses.

The finale was a large piece of wood to represent the Canadian Rockies with 2 placements. She used fir to depict the trees then added white gerderas, white eustoma with white lilies, and roses to represent the snow.

The vote of thanks was ably given by Mrs. Margaret Neskelly.