May 2019 Meeting

Derek Morgan, Tuesday 7th May 2019

Derek gave a very entertaining demonstration entitled ‘Fierce Creatures’

The opening arrangement featured 2 twisted pieces of plant material indicating horns so we were able to guess that the fierce creature was a bull. As he produced a striking arrangement with red carnations, gerberas, and roses he regaled us with a story of his youthful encounter with a bull.

Next were insects as their sting can be fierce. Here he used large yellow chrysanthemums, roses, gerberas, and solidago.

Fierce creature number three was a rabbit, told with a design in white and pink using eustoma, roses, liatris, carnations, and alstroemeria.

The next interpretation was a deer, using a tall container with mixed foliage strelitias, orange roses and gerberas.

Another tall container and black foliage represented a panther seen on the Cumbrian hills. This was an all round design with pink spray carnations, gerberas, and alstoemaria, because everyone knows panthers are pink!

The final display was all white using flocked twigs anthuriums, lilies, roses, and carnations.