June 2019 Meeting

The evening began with the presentation of a cheque for £500 to Liz Tait of the ‘Friends of Dr. Gray’s’ for their bi-centennial appeal. Liz then said a few words about their appeal. This was followed by the AGM at which there were 4 new members elected to the committee and a re-shuffle of office bearer.

Then the interesting part of the evening: the demonstration by Mr. John Dalton entitled ‘Flowers for summer’. He had asked the club to provide foliage and was presented with a stunning selection, which he used to great advantage and panache in each design.

He started with a low triangle in a tall urn using pink phlox and lavender roses. Next was an all round low arrangement in a large flat container into which he introduced an unusual rose called bright eyes complemented with orange gerbera.

Next we were treated to a stunning extra large gold container with extra large foliage, Charlotte chrysanthemums, and deep purple gerbera. This was followed by a window box style design with orange roses and purple scabies and gerbera.

The final show stopper was a tall pedestal with lavender coloured campanula and carnations with pink antirrhinums, stocks, red roses and scabies. The stage was ablaze with summer flowers colours and smells.

May 2019 Meeting

Derek Morgan, Tuesday 7th May 2019

Derek gave a very entertaining demonstration entitled ‘Fierce Creatures’

The opening arrangement featured 2 twisted pieces of plant material indicating horns so we were able to guess that the fierce creature was a bull. As he produced a striking arrangement with red carnations, gerberas, and roses he regaled us with a story of his youthful encounter with a bull.

Next were insects as their sting can be fierce. Here he used large yellow chrysanthemums, roses, gerberas, and solidago.

Fierce creature number three was a rabbit, told with a design in white and pink using eustoma, roses, liatris, carnations, and alstroemeria.

The next interpretation was a deer, using a tall container with mixed foliage strelitias, orange roses and gerberas.

Another tall container and black foliage represented a panther seen on the Cumbrian hills. This was an all round design with pink spray carnations, gerberas, and alstoemaria, because everyone knows panthers are pink!

The final display was all white using flocked twigs anthuriums, lilies, roses, and carnations.

April 2019 Meeting

Sandra began with a striking white, green, and black vertical design using white lilies, carnations, and roses with black manipulated aspidistra leaves and black sisal covering the oasis. This featured a vertical design with a collar of origami paper covering the oasis complemented by yellow roses and blue iris and enhanced with a second placement.

Next she used a tall container as the platform for a horizontal design with liatris, tulips, dark pink gerbera, and small green spray chrysanthemums. This formed a long low arrangement with dark leaves and sunflowers cut short to give impact complemented by orange leucospermum and green orchids.

The central arrangement was a triangle with coral coloured roses and soft peach carnations completing a pleasing stage of colour and impact.

The chairman gave the vote of thanks.

November 2018 Meeting

The demonstrator was our own member Gill Garrow and her title, ‘Inspiration’.

The demonstration began with a seasonal inspiration using a cornucopia as the container, which was filled with seasonal colours of autumn leaves garden spray chrysanthemums, roses, eustoma, and leucadendron.

Next she used a selection of grey foliage with lilac coloured antirrhinums, pink gerbera, and carnation in lime green and purple.

The colours of the Scottish hill provided the inspiration for the third design in colours of deep purple monks hood, alstroemeria, eustoma and thistles with green chrysanthemums, the whole enhanced with a second placement.

The inspiration for the fourth arrangement came from the delicious sea food she sampled in South Africa. A low container filled with palms, which she folded to give a variety of textures then filled with cream, peach, and pink roses.

Summer sunshine was the inspiration for the final design which was a vertical design in a window box with a back drop of cornus twigs and golden foliage at the base. Gill then completed the arrangement with large yellow roses, cala lilies, and leucospermum.

The vote of thanks was given by Lydia Lunnon-Wood, in which she expressed the pleasure and thanks of everyone in the hall.

October 2018 Meeting

The demonstrator for the evening was Mrs. Audrey Foster and the title of the demonstration was ‘Just around the Corner’.

The first design was a seasonal rustic arrangement in the vertical style using burnt gorse, hawthorn berries, crab apples, and Chinese lanterns with red gladioli and red roses in 2 placements.

Next she had constructed a straw bale and mounted ‘wheels’ made from sisal to represent her bicycle, around which she assembled foliage with gold chrysanthemums, pink roses, and cream carnations, with a placement around each wheel.

For the third design, Audrey had covered a catering tin with coir into which she placed split canes and pink alstoemeria covering the mechanics with ivy leaves and then adding a second placement.

Audrey then covered insulating board and cut it into a circle with glycerined mahonia leaves adding sunflowers, spotted laurel, and dried palm leaves.

Next she produced a home made basket into which she added bound twigs to form vertical space then placed in deep purple chrysanthemums and pale lilac roses.

The finale was a large piece of wood to represent the Canadian Rockies with 2 placements. She used fir to depict the trees then added white gerderas, white eustoma with white lilies, and roses to represent the snow.

The vote of thanks was ably given by Mrs. Margaret Neskelly.

June 2018 Meeting

Susan Hall – “Something New and Recycled”

 12th June 2018

May 2018 Meeting

8th May 2018

Christine McKenna
“The World’s your Oyster”

April 2018 Meeting

Flower Club Meeting Tuesday 10th April 2018

The demonstrator for this month was Mrs. Jo Goldswothy from Stonehaven. Jo has been to the club on many occasions so it was a pleasure to welcome her back again. Her title for the evening was ‘Spring is in the air’.

The first design depicted spring cleaning. She used a column of alstroemeria to represent a feather duster then surrounded it with mixed foliage and roses.

Next was an all green arrangement for a spring holiday in Ireland using mixed foliage with green orchids, green spider chrysanthemums and green carnations.

For a spring wedding she created a wedding hat of flowers in shades of pink and purple with orchids, carnations and roses.

Next was a tall design using leucadendron, leucospermum and palm leaves incorporating deep pink carnations and green anthuriums.

The final design portrayed the northern lights with liatris carnations large chrysanthemums and anthuriums.

The vote of thanks was given by Gill Garrow.